I have only visited one country on the continent of Africa and that was Egypt. I knew I would get to Africa one day before I died but this trip was sort of a last minute replacement for Tel Aviv Israel, which was a replacement for India. Both of those regions had been experiencing civil unrest and international turmoil around the time I wanted to go and I didn't want any part of that noise so I selected my Plan C, Cairo Egypt which probably should've been my Plan A since I had been fascinated by the Great Pyramids of Giza for all of my life. I do intend to get to more countries in Africa, I even studied Swahili for several quarters while at Ohio State. Yes I have forgotten most of what I learned but I will be OK when I get there. My goal is to check out Kenya and South Africa and maybe a few other small countries while there. Until then check out what I have here on the Africa page on the Nsane Travel website and I will be sure to post more when I have more material.

The Africa Page