The America's Page

Welcome to The America's Page here on Nsane which will feature pictures and videos from our travels all over North, Central, and South America. Of course this is a broad range so to get things started we will begin posting trips from travels in Central and South America since they are the most exciting and exotic. Once we get that area populated we will throw up some stuff from travel around the good old U.S. of A. My first trip to South America was to Rio De Janeiro Brazil back in 2002. I was about to lose my job with an airline which afforded me free travel so I decided to go out with a bang and hit Brazil, which had been on my list since high school. It completely blew my mind and I had so much fun that I went back two weeks later after I returned from trip number one. I have to limit the amount of pictures from my Brazil trips (8 total) since I have so many but I do not have a lot of video from there since it is still on Digital 8 tape and needs to be converted over to CD. I can go on forever about Rio but I will just say this, go there before you die! I've always been interested in Spanish speaking cultures (and women) so trips to Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, and Mexico were very exciting to me and I do plan to return to some of them in the future. The pictures to the right are of me in Brazil and Ecuador. Click the buttons below to access galleries.