Welcome to the Argentina Page on the Nsane Travel.com website. I flew down to this South American metropolis with some friends when the flights to Rio De Janeiero Brazil had been stopped by Delta Airlines when they were in financial trouble. We decided to check out Bueno Aires since we had heard good things about it so after some quick planning and internet research we were flying south on one of Delta's 767-400's on our way to Argentina. We arrived that morning and hit the ground running since we only were going to be there for four days. I had no real plans, just wanted to see what was there and maybe get some pictures in front of that palace where Eva Peron made her famous speech. Since the exchange rate was 4 to 1 we were able to do a lot down there for little amounts of money. Argentina is famous for it's beef so we had plenty of nice juicy steaks in some of the best restaurants, did some touring on our own and yes I did see the Presidential Palace where Eva made her speech and also her burial site in the famous Recoleta Cemetary or are they call it; "Cemetario de la Recoleta". Of course I had to hit the local Hooters in Bueno Aires and at night we hit all the hot night clubs we could. A good time was had by all, it was no Rio, but we still had fun and I highly recommend a trip down to Buenos Aires Argentina if you're finding yourself looking for some place different to go.

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