The Asia Page

Welcome to the Asia Page on the Nsane website. Here you will find pictures and videos from our travels to the wonderful Asian Continent. My first trip to Asia was to Japan back in 2000, it was an eye opening experience seeing the bright lights of Tokyo from the train as I ride into town that evening for the first time. I thought New York City was a crowded place, downtown Tokyo makes NYC look like the open plains of Kansas. After the 911 tragedy I was supposed to visit Brazil but ended up going back to Japan, that time I flew into the city of Nagoya, the birthplace of Toyota and the game of pachinko. I spent few days there before taking a "Bullet Train" to Tokyo for another week of fun in the Land of The Rising Sun. After that the gloves came off and I have since ventured to Korea a couple times, Singapore three times, Thailand six times, Kuala Lumpur, and Vietnam. Each country is different from the other and I look forward to checking out more of them in the future. The top picture to the right is from my first trip to South Korea, the other is at the war museum in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Check out all of my pictures and videos from my Asian adventures by clicking on the tabs below the pictures.