My trip to Cambodia was one I will remember even if I am inflicted with Alzheimer's disease later in life. I made the trek here after visiting Thailand in late May 2016 and it started off with a boarder crossing from hell. I decided to take a bus to Cambodia (big mistake, fly there on any airline that will take you there) so I could check out the countryside. After getting my Visa at the boarder we had to abandon our bus and walk across the boarder. Normally that wouldn't be an issue with me since I like to travel light, but I had a photo shoot in Thailand so I had a lot of heavy and expensive camera equipment with me. We had to wait in long lines, pay off our "Guide" and then board a shuttle to get us to the bus station to catch our connecting bus, which turned out to be another disaster. Long story short a bunch of us chipped in and got a taxi (mini-van) into Siem Reap. From there I got a Tuk Tuk to my hotel and the trip was finally complete. After a few days there I went to Phnom Penh by bus (Giant Ibus) which was a very pleasurable experience, but I did fly back to Thailand from there on Air Once I got that initial bad taste out of my mouth I did have a nice time in Cambodia, saw plenty of great sites and even met a cute babe from the Philippines. I did see a sign promoting the future opening of a Hooters in Phnom Penh so it looks like I will be going back to gets shots for my Nsane Hooters website.

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