Welcome to The Costa Rica Page here on Nsane Travel.com . I've had the pleasure of making two trips down to the "Rich Coast", once I was supposed to go with a buddy of mine who backed out at the absolute last minute and the second trip I took my girlfriend at the time (the babe you will see in the pictures with me, if you know her don't tell her I posted these or she will be pissed and fuss me out). That first trip to Costa Rica I flew into the capital, San Jose and ended up having a really good time checking out the sights and beautiful scenery around there. The second trip was more of a relaxation vacation, it was Valentines Day a few years ago (I am actually writing this on Valentine's Day 2016) and we wanted to do something different than the go to a nice dinner thing so I suggested we go there. We flew into Liberia and made the drive to a little coastal town called Tamarindo which is located on the Nicoya Peninsula in the Northern Pacific Coast area and is famous for it's beautiful beaches and great surfing. We spent most of our time on the beaches of Tamarindo chilling out and working on our tans! She hated having her picture taken but I snapped off a few of her before she yelled at me so I don't have many shots from that trip. We did do the nice dinner thing, took a private tour in the rain forest, saw some gators and monkeys, etc. I highly recommend going to Costa Rica in the winter since it will be sunny and 90 degrees everyday.

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