This is the Ecuador page on the Nsane website. Ecuador is one of those places that you have to be a real avid traveler to visit. It doesn't have the sexy reputation some South American countries like Brazil and Argentina have, there are no super tall skyscrapers there in downtown Quito, the capital, and it's most famous tourist destination are the Gal├ípagos' Islands which are not easy to get to and once you are there, does not have any super push resorts with popular night clubs and shopping centers. You really do go to Ecuador for the scenic beauty and the culture of the land (my old line when people asked why I went to Brazil or Thailand so much). Yes the equator does run through Ecuador and that was the main reason I went there, had always wanted to stand in the north and south hemispheres at the same time! The weather was pretty lousy most of the time, the food sucked for the most part, but we did manage to have a nice time and I did return there two more times after my first visit there so I guess it wasn't all that bad! Of course a hot babe from Colombia had a lot to do with my return visits but that is another story! Check out what we have here on Ecuador and if you can visit the place yourself and tell me what you think!

The Ecuador Page