My trip to Cairo Egypt was another dream come true for me. I had always wanted to check this place out for as long as I could remember. There is no better sensation (well maybe one that comes to mind) than seeing something you have seen all of your life in pictures or on TV, live and in person for the first time. My first site of the Great Pyramids came as we were one approach into Cairo International airport. I was sitting up in First Class on a Delta 767-400ER and a bunch of us were gathered around the windows looking out at them as we flew over, even some of the Flight Attendants were so excited they sat on the partition and partially on my lap so they could check them out also since it too was their first trip to Egypt. Cairo is one of those exotic cities that has it's own set of rules and you had best follow them. If you respect their ways you will have no problems, not everyone is in tune with the Western way of doing things. I spent a week and a half running around Cairo and the City of Alexandria seeing everything I could. I rode my first camel and went to the many museums around the city, of course checking out King Tut's beautiful death mask. If the current turmoil every dies down over there I would definitely return but I am content knowing that I checked out the pyramids in person at least once in my lifetime.

The Arab Republic of Egypt