The Germany Page

I spent three years of my life living in Deutschland AKA Germany, West Germany to be exact. While I was there in the early to mid 80's the Berlin Wall was still up and the country was split into two regions, East being the communist section and West being the Allied or non communist section. I had always wanted to go there and when I arrived in mid January of 1983 I was totally in awe of the place. I remember thinking, that everything seemed so...German! The cars were of course German made for the most part, the food was very tasty and definitely German, and the women, OMG they were off the chart beautiful, nothing like the big hairy babes I had heard about who lived there, but you will need to check out our modeling site when it is back online to see more about German women! I traveled all over Germany while I was there trying to see as much of it as I could. I spent three months in the south while working at Eucom HQ in Stuttgart, then went up north to Meunster (Handorf to be exact) to serve out the rest of my tour. The winters are pretty harsh but when the sun comes out in the spring that is one beautiful place to be. If you make it over there be sure to check out tours along the Rhine River and of course big cities like Frankfort, Munich, Stuttgart, and Berlin, which I have yet to see since the wall went down right after I came home. Of course you know all about their reputation for beer making, I've always said Germans are good for making three things, nice cars, strong beer, and World Wars, two out of three ain't bad!