Amsterdam Holland

Amsterdam is not only the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but it is one of the playgrounds for adults in Europe.  The first time I was there I didn't know what to expect so I was walking around there seeing and learning some new every other step I took. I had never heard of such a place where not only was prostitution legal but promoted in the Red Light Districts (there are more than one) of Amsterdam. Recreational drugs were also ok, as well as bars with live sex shows, porno shops selling everything you could imagine and things you never imagined, and coffee houses that specialized in other comfort items besides coffee. Of course there is the rich cultural and artistic side of Amsterdam, you will find many museums such as The Van Gogh, The Rijksmuseum. The Anne Frank House (Where she and her family hid from the Nazi's) is also there along with The Rembrandt House. The city itself is mixed with modern buildings that were built after WW2 and older Buildings that survived the war. I have been there several times since that first trip in the early 80's (only using pictures my last visit in 2005) and highly recommend you check out Amsterdam, one of the last cities political correctness has not taken over.