This is the page for the Republic of Indonesia, the largest island country in the world. With over 264 million inhabitants Indonesia is a major player in world markets and tourism so I jumped at the opportunity to visit here the first chance I had. I went to Jakarta the capital with the intention of going on to Bali, a place that was on my "Bucket List". Unfortunately I had some issues with credit and debit cards not working in Indonesian ATM's and also there was an earthquake on the island of Lombok which is a few minutes from Bali. That natural disaster halted all flights to that area sp I ended up leaving Jakarta earlier than planned with hopes of returning later. I did make it back to Indonesia in July of 2019 and wasted no time getting to Bali. It was all that I expected and then some. The beaches were incredible and I had three days of shooting with a local Model who will appear on the new Nsane Photography site when it goes live winter of 2019. I do plan to return to Bali and hopefully Lombok in 2020 so be sure to come back and see what we discover on that trip. I've been to Jakarta a few times now but have yet to get any decent shots of the downtown skyline, which is impressive, so until I do I will substitute with scenic shots of  Bali and Nusa Pineda, another island of Indonesia.

The Republic of Indonesia