This is the Panama Page here on Nsane and here you will find pictures and videos from my three trips I've made to this Central American country. This place reminds me a lot of Vegas because of all of the casinos, resorts, and women that are in abundance in Panama City. This is a real cool and convenient place for American's to visit. It is only a few hours south of Atlanta or a couple from Miami so there is no jet lag, they use the U.S. Dollar as their currency, the Visa requirements are non existent, and buy things forbidden in the U.S. like Cuban cigars or flights to Havana with no questions asked. Spanish is the official language but trust me everyone there speaks some English, their money making potential depends on that! If you want to move there or buy property, hefty tax reliefs are given to you and once again, no questions asked. So if you find yourself in need of a place to launder that dirty money you made, check out Panama City if you don't feel like crossing any oceans with your loot. If you want some nice American style wings check out one of the two Hooters they have in Panama City. If you want to check out some nice Panamanian ladies go to any casino in Panama City or a spot called "Golden Time", you will thank me later.

The Panama Page