This is the Republic of Peru page here on the Nsane website. This was the first country in South America that I went to totally unplanned and with no agenda. I was in the Atlanta airport with my buddy Benito Diaz and we had gotten bumped from the flight down to Rio De Janeiro Brazil to hook up with our friend T.H. who was already down there. We sat there wondering what to do next and looking for a good alternative that didn't require a special tourist visa, I suggested Lima Peru and an hour later we were sitting on a Delta Boeing 767-400 headed south. Not only did we not have a hotel reservation, we didn't even know the type of currency they used in Peru! We arrived in Lima that next morning, found an ATM and an Information Desk. The lady there recommended her friend's hotel and off we went on their shuttle to The Hotel Nirvana in the Miraflores section of Lima. The Owner was a guy named Louis who spoke perfect English (his ex wife was American) and he really took care of us.  We ended up spending a week down there checking things out before heading over to Panama City Panama (still couldn't get on a flight to Brazil) after a very brief stop in the U.S. (Customs Officers gave us some strange looks because of that!) We had a great time in Peru and I wouldn't mind going back someday, they even had one of the coolest Hooter's restaurants I have seen down there (check out ) along with some amazing nightlife.

The Republic of Peru