Korea is one of those few nations left in the world that is bordered by an unfriendly communist nation that just doesn't want to play by the rules. The difference between these two countries are night and day, and if I were living in the North, I would do my best to defect to the South. With that being said South Korea is a cool place to visit if you are in the neighborhood. The first time I went there was unplanned when I couldn't get on a flight to Thailand. It was New Years Eve and a bunch of us went there on a whim because we didn't want to spend anymore time in Japan (Not that spending time in Japan is a bad thing, we just wanted to see something new). The weather was cold and I wasn't really prepared for it since I had packed for the 90 degree weather of Thailand. I had a good time and went back later in the year to spend my birthday there and to check out things I didn't on the previous trip like the man made stream that runs three and a half miles through downtown Seoul, and the action in the Gangnam area when the weather is warm. Korea was rated in 2016 as the safest county to live in and while I was there I felt completely comfortable, even in the Red Light District, aka Iteawon Red Light Street. People there just want to conduct their business in peace and not be bothered with anyone else. Check out my videos I shot in Seoul Korea, some are a little out of sequence since I used two different cameras, but you will get the general idea. Also check out our You Tube Channels for more videos; Nsane Productions and Nsane Travel.

Republic of South Korea