The Spain Page

Spain was one of those counties I had always wanted to visit in Europe since I had always been into Spanish culture and pretty Latinas and Spanish women. My only mistake was taking m wife there on our honeymoon. If she hadn't been there it would've been a really good trip but what can you do? I've only been there twice but I would love to go again, this time as a single man, so I could experience all there is to experience in Spain. I've checked out Barcelona and a few coastal towns and really loved every part of them. They are so scenic and I'm sure they have really changed since the last time I was there (early and mid 80's) so pardon the old non digital photos, I will get new ones as soon as I can. The beaches are top notch and so are the topless women who roam them. The nightlife is also superb and now I know why they need siestas over there! If you find yourself in Spain be sure to check out Costa Brava and Tossa Del Mar just outside of Barcelona. I hear Ibiza is also a fun place to be, will find out when I can.