‚ÄčThe Taiwan Page

Welcome to the Taiwan page here on Nsane Travel. I had overflown this small island country so many times as I was headed to either Thailand or Singapore from Japan so I decided to stop in and check it out one day. I did my usual internet research, grabbed a ticket off of Cathay Pacific and was on my way. I only had a few days to spend there before I had to be in Thailand for some business so I made sure to make a plan of attack so I could see and do all of the things I wanted to before I had to bail out of there. Of course at the top of the list was checking out The Taipei 101 building, the tallest building in the country that had a unique bamboo style to it. I also wanted to see some of their night markets and of course, the local Hooters restaurant so I could get some shots for the Nsane Hooters website ( www.nsanehooters.com ). Although my time in Taipei was short, it was a good one, stayed at a really cool hotel called The Papa Whale, check out my pics and video of that. I would definitely like to make a return visit when I have more time and also when the weather is better ( I was there in January so it was a little cool and cloudy most of the time). Until then check out what we have on Taipei and check back to see more material in the future.