Thailand is one of my favorite countries to visit, I have been there eleven times so far and plan to visit there several more times in the future. At first I was hesitant to go there since it was so far away, but once I seen what was there, and I'm not talking just the pretty girls, I knew I had to check the place out. The first time I tried to get there I was bumped because of all the holiday traffic (It was New Years Eve) so I ended up in Korea (Didn't want to stay in Japan) but when I finally made it a few months later I was thrilled to be there. You have not lived until you've made the rounds of "Walking Street" and had a "Soapy Massage" from one of the many parlors there. I have a ton of videos from Thailand, all of which I can't post here so be sure to check out my You Tube pages, Nsane Productions and Nsane Travel and you will feel that you are in Thailand yourself. I normally stay in Pattaya City but I have taken a couple days to check out Bangkok and Phuket also. I hope to hit other parts in the future but until then take a looksee at what we have here and let me know what you think via my contact page.

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