The Republic of Vietnam

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Myself being a fan of history and also a military veteran I was always fascinated by anything involving Vietnam. Of course I had read all about the war but I noticed a few Vets commented on how pretty the country was and it was a real shame that there was a war going on or it would be a cool place to visit. I never thought I would get a chance to go there until I started flying to Thailand on a regular basis. It came to me that since I was in the neighborhood I could drop by on one of my excursions to Southeast Asia so in November of 2013 I did just that. I was checking out Singapore for the first time and after a few days I flew over to Ho Chi Minh City on an Vietnam Airlines flight (I acquired the necessary Visa ahead of time) landing at the old military base the American used during the war.  It looked like I had stepped back in time since the airport was anything but modern but once I was at my hotel I was greeted with 21st century in my room ( wifi, a desktop computer, flat screen TV ). I spent a week there taking tours and checking out things on my own and had a really nice time. That trip helped me get rid of old stereotypes I had of the country and see it for what it is nice, a dynamic growing society that is working hard to find it's place in the modern world economy. I was treated very nice everywhere I went and naturally they were fascinated to meet and talk with a large Black American. Check out all of my pictures of Vietnam, I have so many videos that I will have to make a second gallery page to fit them all in, I wanted to be sure I captured everything while I was there, hope you enjoy.